Mike Shafarenko

Director, Civic Commons ideastream

Mike Shafarenko

I'm the Director of Civic Commons ideastream and one of its co-founders.

My Recent Activity

Backchannel the Debate - VP Style

I responded to Backchannel the Debate - VP Style: I'm enjoying the way Martha is moderating this debate much better than Jim. 

Backchannel the Debate

I responded to Backchannel the Debate: Above all, I am enjoying the fact that we have both sides represented in this back channel...

Backchannel the Debate

I responded to Andrew Samtoy: Agree - I feel like they're talking in circles about their tax plans. But, I don't envy Lehrer's...

Andrew Samtoy

Lehrer needs to get some control. 

Where have all the leaders gone?

I responded to Earl Pike: Earl - as I see it, it's less about asking for permission as it is about getting the resources...

Earl Pike

One of the things I hear from new and emerging leaders in Cleveland, over and over again, is that there's a profound feeling that you have to "get permission" from mainstream civic leaders if you want to do / start /... Continue reading

With restaurants and packaged foods, how to eat right?

I responded to With restaurants and packaged foods, how to eat right?: If you go to chain restaurants, they have to publish ingredients. So that helps, if you don’t...

Let's Talk about Talking 'bout

I responded to Nancy Reeves: Nancy you've hit the nail on the head, as always. With maybe the exception of how you...

Nancy Reeves

When I joined the Civic Commons a little over a year ago, it seemed to me that the Civic Commons was dreaming of being a catalyst for civic engagement.  Not so much to be a direct actor, but rather to act as an enabler and... Continue reading

Admission Taxes

I responded to Admission Taxes: This just in from Sean Watterson on Facebook: "Admission tax exemption just passed Cleveland City...

Charting the future of fracking

I responded to Charting the future of fracking: The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has awarded Chesapeake Exploration eight new horizontal...

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